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our history

Pictured are my  sons Joseph, myself and Allan.

Both help me in the shop and after graduating college decided to get their A&P tickets.

Both are working  for companies in the Gulf of Mexico.

When I get old and gray they will be taking over the business.
I just noticed something, I'm old and gray now, it may be sooner than I thought

Jay LaCaze

Founder of Helicopter Work Aids, Jay graduated from Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, OK. He has over 40 years of aviation experience with 37 years in the Gulf of Mexico working on helicopters. While working in the offshore helicopter industry, Jay had the opportunities to work in Peru, Chile, Antarctica, Egypt, and Brazil.


During this time Jay started, what would eventually evolve into its current state, the beginnings of Helicopter Work Aids. Around 1990 Jay started making his own work aid for removing and replacing a bearing on a Sikorsky S76 main rotor damper. Co-workers then began asking for their own work aids. Sensing an opportunity, the business that would soon become Helicopter Work Aids was born. 

Contact Jay at or (318) 542-3830

Joseph LaCaze

Jay's oldest son, Joseph always showed signs someday he would be involved in aviation. Most signs pointed that someday he would learn to fly. Luckily, he saw the light and eventually became an A&P mechanic. Joseph and his brother Allan would eventually learn the skills required to make the work aids while in college studying for their bachelors degree in Business Administration. Money was earned to pay for fuel for the expensive water-skiing addiction that Jay had instilled in his sons.


A few years later Joseph and Allan would enroll, much to the delight of their father, in A&P school. While in A&P school, Joseph gained experience performing depot maintenance on large wide-bodied aircraft. After receiving his A&P license, Joseph then moved into the offshore helicopter industry. 

Allan LaCaze


Jay's youngest son, Allan, also grew up in the aviation world. After high school, he attended Louisiana State University of Alexandria where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He then enrolled in A&P School and received an Associates of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance, as well as his A&P certificate.


He worked shortly in an operation that provided line maintenance and fuel cell repairs on large airliners. Soon after, he would then begin working for a major offshore helicopter operator.


While working in the repair station on the AW139, he found a faulty designed part/workaid combination. He went to his fathers shop and designed a better workaid. His boss, seeing this ingenuity, asked Allan if he would like to work in the machine shop.


This is where he gained the valuable knowledge to help take his fathers company to the next level. With his A&P license, Allan and Joseph then became 3rd generation mechanics following in the footsteps of their father and grandfather. 

Contact Allan at or (318) 308-7320

All 3 speak Portuguese and Joseph speaks Spanish

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